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Quality Supplements Can Change Your Life

A healthy diet and exercise offer a great start on your journey to total health and nutrition. But food and movement alone may not be enough. They most certainly won’t maximize your health regimen. For today’s blog, we interviewed Total…

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The results of a middle-aged woman’s PRP routine

Platelet-Rich Plasma: The Hottest Natural Skin Treatment

From taking control of external forces such as diet and exercise to building a rich interior mental environment, Total Nutrition & Therapeutics promotes wellness from the viewpoint of a science-backed functional medicine routine. This holistic approach requires that we take…

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a woman in a blue shirt

Why Your Skin Care Should Include Microneedling

Both men and women are growing more aware of their skin health and wellness. Much of this is due to increased knowledge and scientific advances. Among countless elements of any skin care regimen, here at Total Nutrition & Therapeutics, we’re…

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