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Nutrition Plans

Custom Nutrition Plans and Wellness Coaching in Lady Lake, FL

The journey to better health cannot be successful without a strong foundation on good nutrition. At Total Nutrition & Therapeutics, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all plan for nutritional wellness. We work with each individual to create a customized plan that considers where you are, where you want to go and gives you the knowledge and tools you need to develop new sustainable habits.

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Personalized Nutrition

Why Do I Need A Personalized Nutrition Plan?

A refreshed nutrition plan can solve many of our frustrations with how we feel on the day-to-day, our athletic performance, or how we look. Many people struggle with disease and dysfunction and go through so much turmoil with prescription drugs and surgeries to achieve their desired results. However, often what they need the most is nutritional help.

Food is powerful medicine, and if we make the right choices, we can live happier, more vibrant lives with a better outlook. A personalized nutrition and wellness plan will cater to your individual needs and body chemistry to ensure you start feeling and looking better.

The How

At TNT, we not only identify the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes our clients need but our team of experts also helps you make those changes. Our outcomes speak loudly. Your success depends on you knowing how to get well.

Listening & Testing

The “how” is listening–it’s understanding your background. We take the time to listen to your past medical history, what you’ve encountered, and what you want to change. From there, we move on to diagnostic testing and understanding what is going on underneath.


Other practices focus on specifically what a person needs to change, but if you don’t teach an individual how to change, you haven’t created long-term success. We focus on education as much as possible so that you know how to change your mindset and move forward, fully understanding what needs to be done and why.


We want to help you be better, and being better takes a lot of commitment. It takes time. It takes education. It takes you understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, so we take a whole team approach and mentor you every step of the way.


We begin with a conversation, lab work, and understanding where you are, how you’re progressing, and where you want to go. By measuring your progress and discussing it, you are able to hold yourself accountable and find new motivation.

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