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Our clients start with learning foundational wellness tools and information, progressing on to more advanced concepts over time. Our classes begin with learning key foundational nutritional and wellness tools that will create a solid foundation for years of looking, feeling, and functioning well. These concepts are then applied as you move on to the second and third levels of classes. 

Each level builds on the concepts learned in the previous. Your coaches at TNT will give you guidance along your journey and often will recommend that many are repeated as your learning and life changes. We offer many of these classes in a variety of ways: many on-site and others by webinars, web portal, and at-home. Get ready for learning that leads to a life of wellness!

  • Orientation
  • Meal Prep 101
  • Foundational WWH of eating
  • Foundational Shopping
  • Understanding your labs
  • What is functional medicine (webinar)
  • Healthy Weight
  • Heal your gut
  • Grab and go
  • Understanding your Body Composition analysis
  • Movement is medicine
  • Healing WWH of eating
  • Healing Shopping
  • All about protein
  • All about supplements
  • Protecting your heart
  • Immune Essentials
  • Stress, Hormones, and Health
  • Juicing/ Blending
  • Knowing your mineral status
  • Webinar- Controlling Sugar
  • The Why and How of Detox
  • Group Visit- Understanding labs and MNT testing
  • Experiential learning classes
    • Instapot
    • Air Fryer
    • Protein Powder – Which is best for you?
  • Maintenance/ Sustainability WWH of eating
  • Shopping for long term success- Thrive Market, Butcher Box, local markets
  • Xymogen Tour
  • Control Sugar, Control Everything
  • Advanced Cardiovascular
  • Understanding Your Toxic Burden
  • Shopping to satisfy your palate- Fresh Market
  • Fun in the Kitchen
See our class calendar
See our class calendar
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about our classes

I so enjoyed this month’s VIP class. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Lori. The information you shared on Breast Cancer was very beneficial to me.
PamFebruary VIP Class
Angela clarified what low glycemic foods are and the need to pair with a protein. Good discussion afterwards as well.
MaryProtecting Your Heart Class
Katie took the time to break down my labs to help me better understand what they meant. She then shared with me what supplements would help me based on my labs. Very informative.
RobertAll About Your Labs Class
I can not thank you enough TNT for all the great educational classes you offer at the clinic. I have taken all of them (and some of them twice) and the coaches have helped me understand the importance of good nutrition. I feel so much better since being in the program and I look forward to continuing my walk to better health with you.
I think this is an excellent class. I learned so much in regards to what type of supplements I need to take and why I need to take them. Katie made it much easier to understand.
LynneMicro Nutrient Class
Breaking down the different labs and explaining the importance of testing made it easier to understand. Lori spent time going over not only why we test the blood but what the results mean.
BobUnderstanding Your Labs Class
I so enjoyed the Juicing and Blending class today. I really did not understand how easy it is to get nourishment in a smoothie or juice. And with the right kitchen tools it makes it a win win when trying to watch I eat and get the recommended veggies each day.
JackieJuicing and Blending Class
I had no idea if I was mineral deficient or not. I decided to take this class and was amazed at how I was deficient in some but not in others.
JoeMineral Testing On the Fly Class
Thank you so much for doing the protein powder tasting class. So many powders leave an after taste, so trying some of the ones offered at TNT has helped me know which ones I like and will use.
LynneProtein Powder Tasting Class
So I never realized all that could be in my daily life that could cause me stress. And I knew stress was bad, but after this class I truly understand what stress can do to the body. And now I have simple tips that can help me daily in my stress management.
PamStress Hormones and Health Class
Who knew that fruits needed to be monitored for how many to have each day. I thought I understood the food groups until I took this class. Understanding the importance of when to eat, not just what to eat, is the key to eating healthier.
StanFoundations of What, Why, and How of Eating Class
I’m deciding to detox again in January and will make better food choices (organic) when detoxing and beyond.
BrookeWhy and How of Detoxing Class
I never knew how toxins attach themselves to fat cells. And the importance to separate them. Plus how to separate them.
LarahWhy and How of Detoxing Class
I so enjoyed my trip to Publix. I had no idea what some of the ingredients are that go into many of the processed foods that I eat. This trip was a very eye opening experience. Thank you so much for offering this type of class.
DougThe Publix Shopping Experience Class
I have had labs drawn by my doctor for years but never truly understood my results. Lori Esarey not only took the time to go over the labs her clinic ran on me, but explained them in a way that made so much sense. Now I understand the importance of a food first approach to better health. I am dedicated to this program and I can not wait to see what my next set of labs show
CarolA Better Understanding of Your Labs Class

Clients participating in our programs gain access to classes as part of their curriculum, but we offer many classes that can be taken ala carte or as an add on to foundational or maintenance programs as well. 


Contact our office to schedule an appointment and discuss which classes are best for you!

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