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Our Team

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Our Founder

Lori Esarey


TNT Owner Lori Esarey, a certified family nurse practitioner since 1995, founded the clinic in 2006 backed by her strong belief that disease could be managed with proper nutrition and the dream to create a Tsunami effect of better health amongst our community and beyond with this philosophy. Lori graduated from USF with a Master’s in Nutritional Medicine in 2012 and completed her fellowship training and board certification in anti-aging and restorative medicine in 2013. Today, Lori is charged with helping patients pinpoint and reverse unhealthy lifestyle habits, and together with her amazing clinical and support team, ensuring their TNT patients are equipped with the necessary tools and guidance to improve their healthspan and look, feel and function their very best. She is a national speaker on topics related to health, nutrition and functional medicine business practices, and cofounder of Synergee, LLC a business designed to help other up and coming functional medicine providers develop the skills, education and knowledge necessary to be leaders in their field. In her spare time, Lori loves the beach, walking, reading, pursuing her own personal, spiritual and professional development and most of all spending time with friends, children and her 3 darling grandchildren.

Our Staff

Get Acquainted with Our Team

In order to establish change, it takes a team.  Every member of the TNT team understands that you have unique experiences and challenges because we all have our own stories to tell about our journey into wellness. We see amazing transformations and success for those clients who learn to view food as powerful medicine and nutrition as their path to feeling better and living well.


Our board-certified, fellowship-trained medical provider, Lori Esarey APRN, is the navigator. She is responsible for creating personal and individualized treatment plans designed to get you to optimal wellness. They will oversee and guide you throughout their process of change.

Health Coaches

Whatever your needs are, whether it’s learning healthy eating habits or just wanting to prepare for and live a healthier lifestyle, our health coaches will be your guide.

Clinical Nutritionists

The clinical nutritionists at TNT incorporate the scientific fields of nutrition and dietetics to ensure you get the nutrients necessary for your body to heal and function optimally. The clinical nutritionists will also educate you based on your unique situation as to why you need certain supplements to fill in nutritional gaps.

Licensed Nursing Team

Our nursing team supports our providers by facilitating the changes that need to be made. They triage and manage any concerns you may have and are instrumental in putting you at ease through your wellness journey with TNT.

Licensed Mental Health Counselors

The licensed mental health counselors use a highly-personalized therapeutic approach to provide support and practical feedback and help you effectively address personal life challenges and achieve your wellness goals. Through compassion and understanding, they will help you build on strengths and obtain personal growth.

Client Care Coordinators

Our client care coordinators have the unique ability to mentor and help you manage your individualized plan for healthier living. They work with providers to plan and schedule your unique wellness journey, following up as needed as a touchpoint between you and the clinic.

Support Team

Your experience at TNT is a catalyst to your lifestyle transformation. TNT is blessed to have a team of professionals who excel at intense client focus with undeniable quality of care. Our goal is to create a caring and welcoming atmosphere each time you walk into our clinic.

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Katie Gravante

Clinical Nutritionist

Katie Gravante is a clinical nutritionist at TNT. She earned her certification from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Woodbridge, NJ, and has been with the company for nearly five years. Today, Katie works with clients to ensure they are getting the proper supplements needed to heal their bodies as they work through food changes. In her free time, Katie enjoys playing and watching basketball, long distance road biking, and spending time with family.

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Debbie Bookman

Health Coach

Debbie Bookman is a health coach with TNT where she has worked for more than four years. She earned her certification as a health coach from Spencer Institute. Debbie has also earned culinary nutrition certifications from both the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and Food Matters Institute. Nicknamed “The Foodie Coach,” Debbie is always equipped with recipes, suggestions for food swaps, and tips on how to make eating healthy exciting and flavorful. Debbie also leads cooking classes via Zoom which people can take notes or cook along with her. Outside of work she enjoys quilting and competitive powerlifting.

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Karen Stange

Mental Health Counselor

Karen Stange, a mental health counselor, came on board with TNT nearly six years ago. Karen attended the UCF Marriage and Family Research Institute and graduated in 2000 with a master’s degree in mental health counseling. Today, she leads hour-long sessions on Wednesdays with TNT patients and once-a-month mindset group coaching. Karen’s passion focuses around staying active and current with modern functional medicine interventions and helping people interested in healthy lifestyle changes make stronger, more lasting commitments. In her free time, Karen loves to garden, ride her bicycle, travel, kayak, and play with her grandbabies.

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Ryan Mihalkovitz

TNT Health Coach

Ryan Mihalkovitz was born and raised in Toms River, NJ. During his time at Pace University, he began to deal with chronically debilitating symptoms that forced him to quit playing baseball and focus on his health.
After years of being passed around from doctor to doctor with no real answers or solutions, he was introduced to Functional Medicine, which he fully attributes to giving him his life back.  These experiences changed his view on health and healing, and he wanted to share this knowledge with everyone! Ryan became a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and made it his life’s mission to help others uncover the missing pieces to their health ailments and take back control of their life.  Ryan spent the last year working with Wilmington Functional Medicine as a health coach, helping over a hundred people from all walks of life lead healthier.
In his free time Ryan enjoys traveling, snowboarding, strength training, playing sports, trying new foods, and most importantly spending time with friends, family and his puppy Obi.

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Beth Bent

Director of First Impressions

Beth Bent is TNT’s director of first impressions. She mans the front desk with a focus on ensuring each patient’s overall impressions of the office and services rendered are positive. Beth came on board in the fall of 2022 and her background includes graduating as an undergrad degree from Florida State in 1998 and working in veterinary management for 23 years. In her free time, Beth enjoys the beach, reading, exercise, and spending time with her daughter.

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Kristi Bell-Boliek

Marketing & Culture Director

Kristi Bell-Boliek is the marketing and culture director at TNT, where she has worked for 12 years. She is in charge of marketing for the clinic’s programs and services, and she works with the team to ensure their overall core values, mission and visions are met. Kristi graduated from the University of South Florida in 1989 with a degree in mass communications. In her free time, Kristi enjoys activities that involve being on the water, reading, spending time with her grown children and watching ‘The Real Housewives’ on Bravo, her guilty pleasure.

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Brooke Gorman

Clinic Manager

Brooke Gorman is the clinic manager and has been with TNT since July 2022. She has a background in medical staffing and graduated from the University of Kansas City in 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences. At TNT, Brooke’s duties include scheduling, head of personnel, ordering supplements, and anything focused on helping the clinic run smoothly. In her free time, Brooke enjoys traveling, hiking, outdoor activities spending time with my family and friends when she can.

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Krishna Serrano, R.N.

TNT Client Liaison

Krishna is a highly motivated, progress-focused, and compassionate individual who ensures high-quality service is always delivered to our clients.
Her experience in customer service, clinical, and academic teaching strengthened her communication skills, problem-solving, and leadership capabilities, including her keen attention to detail and accuracy. As a former volunteer geriatric nurse who cared for abandoned elderly, she has learned the real meaning of “compassionate nursing care” and how humility and kindness can change someone’s life.

She is very creative and resourceful while her dedication and commitment to work are recognized throughout her career. She is a Certified Healthcare Virtual Assistant and is ready to take on her next journey of giving the BEST SERVICE and creating a positive impact on our TNT clients.

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