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How Telemedicine Can Keep You Connected With Your Healthcare and Wellness Providers

The past generation has seen an incredible progression of online capabilities. Internet amenities such as social media aren’t even twenty years old, and yet here we are, meeting the coronavirus outbreak head-on with the full force of our remote technologies. In a way we would never have imagined twenty years ago, we have managed to remain connected and relatively productive despite a near-total economic shut-down. 

This is particularly true of the present, in which we’re being asked to practice social distancing. People are social creatures. We crave contact and communication with others. Now, more than ever, telemedicine, and videoconferencing in general, are providing us the opportunity to stay connected with others even while we’re physically alone. 

The Importance of Telemedicine 

Nothing is more important than health care right now. As you might imagine, this doesn’t only include onsite care at local hospitals and doctor’s offices. In many ways, telemedicine has stepped in to share the burden so that the heightened influx of those falling ill receive the care they need. 

Amid this crisis, Total Nutrition and Therapeutics is going the extra mile to ensure that people are getting the care they deserve. As some of you may have gleaned from our letter to TNT clients, we’ve outlined the following goals for the coming months as we confront the coronavirus crisis. We aim to: 

  1. Be part of the solution and do everything possible to avoid being part of the problem
  2. Support our clients and community in the most accessible ways.
  3. Procure products, supplements and updated factual information regularly in an effort to keep you up to date and our team and community safe, educated and healthy.

What Is Telemedicine?

Some of you might not be familiar with telemedicine. It certainly is a new development in the field of healthcare. Don’t worry! Telemedicine utilizes technology that you might have used in the past week. 

Put simply, telemedicine means  gaining access to health care, only rather than visiting the doctor in person, you visit with them over the phone or via videoconferencing. You can think of telemedicine as using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or any form of video communication service, but instead of a family or friend on the other side of the screen, it’s your healthcare provider! 

There are various terms pertinent to the field of telemedicine. For example, the ‘distant’ or ‘hub site’ is referred to as the location from which the professional health care provider is conducting care. For the patients’ sake, it’s more important that you understand the basic premise: that you will be receiving care remotely, for reasons that benefit both you and the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole.

The Benefits of Telemedicine

The benefits of telemedicine are intricate and robust, extending from the capacity of our providers at Total Nutrition and Therapeutics to the loved ones of those surrounding the patients we serve. 

First and foremost, telemedicine greatly increases access to healthcare. In normal times, this would mainly refer to the ability of telemedicine to connect less mobile patients to professional care providers. 

But there are less apparent benefits as well. Better access also means better care. Telemedicine significantly reduces healthcare costs, which enables more frequent ‘visits’ and therefore greater attention to detail. Perhaps best of all, telemedicine has been shown to improve both patient and provider satisfaction

Telemedicine and Testing

Currently, diagnostic testing has become a hot topic. People are concerned about testing for the coronavirus, and for good reason. Furthermore, as this concern overwhelms onsite health care centers, it also exacerbates their ability to test for other health issues. 

We’re well aware of this problem.Total Nutrition and Therapeutics is equipped to provide diagnostic testing for a wide range of ailments, including cardiovascular risk. However, patients may be concerned as to how telemedicine can aid in testing that needs to be done in person. 

Contrary to conventional thinking, because telemedicine increases access to healthcare, it also allows providers to better determine the need for diagnostic testing. Put simply, if patients have better access to providers, providers are better able to root out symptoms and ailments to determine precisely what is going on with the patient. In turn, this calibrates the amount of testing to a level more on par with those who need it. 

Total Nutrition and Therapeutics will be offering telemedicine services to all of our clients in the coming weeks and months. That means you’ll be able to access your healthcare providers, coaches, and clinicians from the comfort of your own home. We understand that all of this is new to you. We will walk you through it and show you not only the ease but the value of these services. Historically, services like this were only for those who could afford it, but now, it’s clear that we can’t afford not to provide telemedicine services. 

Staying Connected

Telemedicine promotes an added benefit that’s unique to this time: staying connected. Telemedicine allows us to stay connected with health care, but there are also online groups and classes that you can join via videoconferencing applications such as Zoom.

The importance of the connection between our mental and physical health can’t be overstated. It’s truly a miracle that we’re able to stay connected during a time of crisis such as this one. Whether it’s using telemedicine to receive the care you need, or joining an online group to discuss your experience amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s integral that we use technology to keep in contact with others. 

As mentioned above, classes will all be conducted via webinar through Zoom conferencing. Check your inbox for offered classes and reply with an email or call to participate. Roughly 24-48 hours before the class begins, you will receive a zoom link as well as an email with any supportive information you will need for the class.

Contact Total Nutrition and Therapeutics for more information about how we are confronting the pandemic. 

Do you have questions or concerns about telemedicine amid the coronavirus outbreak? Visit our website to find out more about how Total Nutrition and Therapeutics can meet your needs. Also, please check out our letter to clients, where you can receive important information about how we’re meeting this crisis head on!

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