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Confronting stress: stepping up to find healthy coping mechanisms

A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog about sleep disturbance. Prior to that, we interviewed a professional, Dr. Diaz, who linked stress to certain forms of sleep disturbance, such as insomnia. For this […]

Pursuing our passions: building resilience through positive energy drives

The Total Nutrition & Therapeutics blog has covered the relationship between mental and physical health. For our ongoing series on resilience, we have written about the role of mental health in blogs on sleep disruptions, […]

Dreaded sleep disorders and sleep apnea: how are they assessed and treated?

Many of us know firsthand how important it is to get a good night’s rest. But we don’t talk about how hard it can be. Well, more than 25% of Americans suffer from sleep disorders, […]

How microgreens build resilience in both people and society

For the next installment in our series on resilience, TNT turns to microgreens, which pack more nutrients than many times its weight in fully grown greens.

Strengthening relationship resilience during the pandemic crisis

The coronavirus pandemic forced us inside and in constant contact with our spouses and partners. Building healthy boundaries and resolving conflicts can be integral to relationship resilience.

New Year’s resolutions: make nutrition a priority by planning for it

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, the holiday season is officially underway. That means New Year’s is fast approaching—and with New Year’s comes reflection. What have we done well? What can we do better? What […]

Approaching erectile dysfunction: The woman’s perspective

Erectile dysfunction can be painful, both physically and emotionally. And when talking about ED, the majority of the time, women hear about the man’s perspective. This is somewhat understandable. After all, it’s men who suffer […]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a devastating disease that affects hundreds of millions of people around the globe. While many of its causes are known, just as many remain a mystery to scientists and doctors. That’s why we […]

How body image has changed: truSculpt gives results

Recently, at Total Nutrition and Therapeutics, we’ve been focused on our latest fitness wonder product: truSculpt iD. With all the time we have at home these days during quarantine, many of us have been concerned […]

truSculpt iD is a revolutionary treatment for weight loss

Total Nutrition & Therapeutics brings you truSculpt iD: a revolutionary mechanism for weight loss