FAQ About TNT and our Nutrition Services

When starting your journey towards a healthier life, you want a partner that you can trust. Total Nutrition and Therapeutics can be that partner for you. Naturally, you’re going to have questions about our qualifications, services, and history of success. Our founder Lori answers all of our most commonly received questions to help put your fears at ease.

Why should I choose TNT as my nutrition, health, and wellness partner?

Before making important decisions, you’ll want to do some vetting to ensure you’re well-informed and comfortable. That’s why we walk through our qualifications, our strategies, and our philosophy in-depth. We care about each individual that comes through our doors looking for help. We’re qualified, experienced, and excited to help you in your health journey.

What differentiates TNT?
What are your qualifications?
What is TNT’s proactive approach?

What do I need to know about TNT’s services and specialties?

At Total Nutrition and Therapeutics, we offer a wide variety of services. We specialize in all things nutrition and can help you accomplish all types of health goals. So what can TNT do for you? How can we help you in your journey towards your best self?

What classes does TNT offer?
What kind of diagnostic testing does TNT do?
Can TNT help me gain weight?
How quickly will I see the results?

Is TNT right for me?

What kind of people can TNT help? Truly, anyone! We are excited to work with you on whatever your individual nutrition goals are. Our experts work with each person to create an individualized plan for success.

Who is the ideal TNT client?
Who can take advantage of TNT classes?
Can TNT help me get off my meds?
Does TNT take insurance?

What do I need to know about my TNT appointment?

Preparing for your first appointment or consultation can help you feel more confident about taking the next steps in the right direction. Our founder, Lori, will help you get ready for your visit with us.

How do I get the most out of my TNT appointment?
How can I get my supplement and medication sheet to TNT?
Why is important for TNT to know what supplements I’m taking?
What should I expect during my first TNT appointment?

Other frequently asked questions

What does TNT offer?
How did the COVID pandemic affect TNT’s patients?
Does TNT treat hormones?
Why is your personal support team so important?
What foods am i going to have to give up?

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