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IV Therapy Near Lady Lake, Florida

Stay Hydrated

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a delivery method for fluids and nutrients. TNT’s IV Therapies can help you

  • recover from an illness
  • prepare for an upcoming surgery
  • increase your hydration levels
  • improve your vitamin intake
  • improve your nutritional status
  • fill in your nutritional gaps
  • helping you feel better
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IV Therapy

About IV Therapy

For some, the thought of an IV conjures up images of being stuck in a hospital bed with various tubes providing vital fluids for recovery. While IVs are used in hospital and clinical settings, IV therapy is becoming more popular among people of all ages as a more efficient way to fill in nutritional gaps, recover from illness, and feel better.

With IV Therapies, our TNT Providers and IV nurses will infuse vitamins directly into a person’s veins. Most clients who opt for IV treatment report quick results in which they feel better almost instantaneously.

Improve Your Health

IV Solution services offered at Total Nutrition & Therapeutics

Do you want to improve your overall health & wellness, increase your athletic performance, cure a hangover, speed up your illness recovery, or reduce your allergies? TNT offers IV therapy solutions for all of that and more, including:

Slim Down Shots

Also known as Lipotropic shot and Mic B-12 shot, our slim shots help enhance nutrients, shed fat, and increase energy.

Myers Cocktail IV

Fights migraines, fatigue, dehydration, depression, anxiety, asthma, hangovers, cold and flu, and allergies.

Hydration IV

Fights dehydration and alleviates fatigue, headache, nausea, lightheadedness, unclear thinking, and rapid heart rate.

Glutathione IV Push

The mother of all antioxidants. Supports many important bodily functions.

B-12 Shot

An essential vitamin that your body needs but can’t produce.

IV Mini

This IV enhances your immune system and supplies several nutrients along with vitamin C to heal and repair the body.

Total kNock ouT IV

This beauty IV infusion fortifies your hair, skin, and nails while detoxifying and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. Packed with antioxidants, beauty-enhancing B-complex vitamins and minerals.

Little TNT Boost IV

This IV is full of your Vitamin B’s that will  help your body with the conversion of food into energy, cellular metabolism, manage stress, and support your  immune system.

Biotin (B7) Shot

A versatile addition to your beauty routine as it helps improve skin hydration and hair health.  Also assists enzymes to break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in food.

Amino Acid IV

This IV helps with your cognitive performance by decreasing inflammation in the brain.

Stop Aging

Anti-aging Benefits

Poor nutrition, chronic stress, improper sleeping patterns and lack of physical activity all contribute to premature aging, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, abdominal fat, anxiety/depression, digestive disorders, skin problems, fatigue and illness. Learning how to manage your lifestyle is key to slowing the aging process and retaining youth. A healthy diet – high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, fiber and amino acids – along with proper sleep, exercise and stress management techniques, are all necessary for retaining youth and slowing the aging process.

Even if you eat well, your body might not be absorbing the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight the aging process. IV therapy boosts the antioxidant vitamin and mineral levels in your body much more effectively than oral supplements. You can choose from a variety of IV cocktails, each design to help your body repair damage, prevent aging, and recover its youthful vigor.

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IV Therapy FAQ

At TNT we offer two different types: Injection or infusion. Our injection IV therapy delivers fluids to the veins via a syringe. The infusion IV delivers fluid to the veins through a drip and is the most common type of IV therapy.

IV therapy can treat a wide range of problems. Whether you have a chronic health condition or want to improve your vitamin intake, IV therapy is a solution. IV therapy ensures your body absorbs vitamins properly for improved results, instantly provides you with hydration, offers anti-aging benefits, and can be customized to meet your needs.

Some of the top benefits of IV therapy include:

Ensures your body absorbs vitamins properly for improved results

If you are taking a daily multivitamin or have a regiment filled with other vitamin supplements, your body may not absorb all of the vitamins you are consuming. Some vitamins rely on other nutrients to be absorbed properly. With IV therapy, your body instantly absorbs all of the vitamins included in the drip, which ultimately improves the results.

Instantly provides you with the hydration you need.

One of the most common reasons for IV therapy is that a person is dehydrated. If you are an athlete, an IV therapy session is the perfect complement to your workout routine. It also can help if you have recently spent a night having fun with your friends.

Can be customized to meet your needs.

TNT’s IV Team will create a drip that specifically addresses your own health concerns, which means that you get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need without any unnecessary extras.

The duration of this simple process varies depending on which IV therapy you are receiving. Most IV therapy sessions are quick, taking about 45 minutes to an hour at most.

Many of our clients that receive IV treatment report quick results in which they feel better almost instantaneously!

IV therapy plays an essential role in any preventative health care plan. It can complement a treatment plan that your TNT Provider has implemented, or it can be used to provide you with the immune support you need.

Benefits vary from person to person. Whether you are a young adult who spent a long night out with your friends or a middle-aged person who simply wants to boost your immune system, TNT has an IV therapy option to suit your health care needs and goals.

For more information on our TNT Nourishment Bar services and to see if you are a candidate, contact us today!

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