Foundational What, Why, and How of Eating (A+) LIVE

Welcome and Congratulations on taking this step to TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH! Today is the day that you learn the What , Why and How of Eating. Now that you have learned the “language” needed as the foundation of your success and you have begun to see some of the nutritional facts of what foods you have been eating, now you will begin learning the foundations of nutrition- the macronutrients needed to fuel your body to THRIVE. Upon completion of this class you have the tools you need and you are armed with the information necessary to begin feeling better. From here you begin making the changes necessary to optimize your health. This class is considered a core TNT class and essential to your success long term. It is often repeated throughout your program as you learn and practice, it helps to refine your skills and you continue to get better as you do better along the way.  There is also a Healing What, Why, and How of Eating class that goes into more detail on foods that will help you sustain your new way of eating for a healthier you!



Aug 04 2020


8:00 am
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