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Class Definitions

Food Swap

In this class the client will learn about different food substitutions that can be swapped out to help the client stay in compliance with their eating plan. This will help when trying to stay away from any food allergies/sensitivities or to adapt recipes. Handouts will be provided to clients for future reference.

Advanced Cardiovascular

After learning about cholesterol and its role in cardiovascular disease, you now understand how your total cholesterol result does not provide accurate information about your risk for heart attack or stroke. In fact, even a standard cholesterol or lipid lab panel (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides) may not reveal all important risk factors. In our Advanced Cardiovascular class you will learn additional information including addition lab tests that can provide additional information regarding your risk for heart disease or stroke.

Advanced Skincare

What is Your Skin Telling YOU? The goal is to maximize your skincare needs by learning:

  • Best procedure for cleaning your skin
  • Advantage of toning your skin
  • The importance of Exfoliation
  • The Do and Don’ts of moisturizers
  • The importance of sunscreen year round

Air Fryer

Get ready to challenge everything you know about frying foods. Air fryers can fry your favorite foods to crispy, golden brown perfection using little or no oil. Proteins like chicken wings and drummettes, and appetizers peppers and cream cheese are delicious and healthy. Enjoy a tasting of this month’s recipe at the end of class.

All About Protein

For many of us, getting enough protein per day is hard. Learn the reason behind why we need protein in our journey to optimal health and come learn different ways and choices to get your daily amount.

All About Supplements

Supplements are designed to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet. This class teaches about the different types of supplements and the importance of them. Plus get helpful hints on how to take them.

Control Sugar, Control Everything

Control Sugar Control Everything! When you begin to understand the relationship of blood sugar to the primary driver of inflammation – the root cause of 90% of disease states , you will want to control it! This class will help you dig deeper, understand your blood sugar numbers, your lab results and learn concepts that will help you gain control of your health. Elevated blood sugar can be a cause of disease and/or an effect of disease.

Essential Oils Class

There’s more to aging well than diet and exercise. As we age, our bodies take on more and more damage from cell-wrecking free radicals, making us look and feel older. Many essential oils are rich in antioxidants – compounds that combat free radicals – and Sandy will show you how to use different essential oils to do just that.

Foundational Publix Shopping Experience

Let’s face it, we all know how to shop, but do we REALLY know what’s lurking in your foods? With TNT’s shopping experience, you will learn how to identify hidden harmful ingredients, understand food labels, learn about food substitutions for food allergies, recipe modifications and cooking techniques, and will discover healthier alternatives to the foods you enjoy! In order to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, you must have access to healthy alternatives that satisfy your palate and your nutritional needs. This class is often repeated and is picked as a TNT client favorite class.

Foundational What, Why, and How of Eating

Welcome and Congratulations on taking this step to TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH! Today is the day that you learn the What , Why and How of Eating. Now that you have learned the “language” needed as the foundation of your success and you have begun to see some of the nutritional facts of what foods you have been eating, now you will begin learning the foundations of nutrition- the macronutrients needed to fuel your body to THRIVE. Upon completion of this class you have the tools you need and you are armed with the information necessary to begin feeling better. From here you begin making the changes necessary to optimize your health. This class is considered a core TNT class and essential to your success long term. It is often repeated throughout your program as you learn and practice, it helps to refine your skills and you continue to get better as you do better along the way. There is also a Healing What, Why, and How of Eating class that goes into more detail on foods that will help you sustain your new way of eating for a healthier you!

Fresh Market Shopping Experience

Now that you have learned the basics and feeling more confident about making healthier food choices, let’s add more variety and flavors to put more pizzazz on your plate! Expand your menu to include more foods that will increase energy, boost immunity all while having fun finding new tantalizing flavors to your daily routine.

Fun In Your Kitchen

In this class, we will show you how to prepare a different recipe each month. We will discuss any special tools used, the ingredients and possible substitutions, as well as the nutritional benefits. Fun In The Kitchen is for both the novice or experienced cook. We will taste test each recipe as well!!

Grab and Go

This class is intended to teach you the “how” of healthy snacking from preparation ideas, to recipe and prep, all the way to logging – with a KISS profile to Keep It Super Simple. Since healthy snacking is vital to healthy living, learning how to make it fun and easy is extremely important.

Heal Your Gut

This class is designed to teach the importance of healthy G.I. function and how healing the G.I. can improve many chronic conditions. You will learn the key concepts of increased intestinal permeability, chronic G.I., inflammation, food allergy/intolerance testing options, proper elimination and the use of hypo-allergenic diets for gut healing.

Healing Publix Shopping Experience

In this class we will build on what you have learned in the Foundational level class and continue to discuss additional food options, that can be added to your new lifestyle.

Healing What, Why, and How of Eating

Now that you have learned the “language” needed as the foundation of your success and you have begun to see some of the nutritional facts of what foods you have been eating, it is now time to delve a little deeper into how different food can heal the body. Our TNT Coaches will share tools and tips to help you maintain your healthy way of living. This class is considered a core TNT class and essential to your success long term.

Healthy Weight

This class educates clients on obstacles to achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it for life. By exploring inflammation and detoxification, clients will recognize patters and long-term effects of unhealthy behaviors. Understanding the pitfalls of appetite suppressants and excessive calorie restriction will help clients embrace lifestyle choices that create lifelong, optimal body composition and chronic disease prevention.

Immune Essentials

The development of your immune system began before you were born and continues to change based on choices you make every day. Optimal immune function defends you against potential threats and repairs you when you have been harmed by them. Healthy immune systems must be strong to fight when needed, but equally intelligent to identify a true threat vs. a false alarm. An imbalanced immune system can be weak making you prone to infections, or it may be misguided making you vulnerable to autoimmune disorders.

Instapot Live

This hands-on Instant Pot Class will teach you how to use your Instant Pot, talk through the basics, the different settings and functions on the Instant Pot and will answer any questions you may have. Plus you will get a tasting of this month’s recipe. Yum!

Mindset Class LIVE

Mindset determines the way we deal with tough situations and setbacks as well as our willingness to deal with and improve ourselves. In this class we will implement strategies to help you keep moving forward in your health journey. Growth mindset vs fixed mindset – learn more about progress and process to help fulfill potential.

Movement Is Medicine

Did you know being physically inactive raises your risk for chronic disease as much as smoking? Physical inactivity is a term used to identify people who do not get the recommended level of physical activity (30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise three to four times per week). This lifestyle choice can cause insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, and several health conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and even cancer. Join us as we tour one of the most beneficial lifestyle therapies available: exercise and physical activity. Learn why daily movement can prevent and heal many health conditions.

Protect Your Heart

This class is designed to teach you why and how a low-glycemic anti-inflammatory diet is essential for protecting the heart and improving insulin sensitivity. Emphasis is on nutrition and practical physical activity are the cornerstones of the lifestyle approach to disease treatment and reversal.

Stress Hormones

This class is designed to educate you on the negative effects of chronic stress and its connection to major chronic diseases. Clients will learn the connection between healthy vs unhealthy stress perception, stages of general adaptation and optimal hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function. With these tools, you will better understand the power of recommendations emphasizing glycemic regulations, sleep hygiene, exercise and cortisol/DHEA testing.

Understanding Your BCA

Weight is a poor measure of health and is not a good measure of success as It relates to optimal health. This class is designed to help you understand what you are made of, your body composition. This class helps you to understand your In Body 770 results, a study you have done monthly that helps us guide your treatment plan. Muscle is the organ system of longevity. Living and eating well results in an optimal body composition. Understanding what “optimal body composition” is gives you clear goals and a clear path. This class is a CORE TNT class and is recommended in the first 6 weeks of your program.

Understanding Your Labs

This class is designed to help you understand the advanced labs that are ordered at TNT, why they are ordered and what the general terminology means. This class is intended to be done prior to your REVIEW OF FINDINGS appointment for the purpose of helping you make the most out of your review appointment. It is important to first understand how these markers can generally affect your health and well-being so that upon receiving your results we can more specifically target the changes in your lifestyle, diet and supplement plan that need to occur in order to get the results you desire and optimize your health.

Understanding Your Toxic Burden

It’s not a question of whether you are toxic or not, the question is how toxic are you. This one hour class is designed to help you understand the many environmental toxins that exist. This quest to be a healthier version of you must include looking at more than just food- from your clothes, to your cleaning supplies, to your personal care items, to your household cookware and appliances, we explore the many exposures we have daily. Our goal is to help you to begin cleaning up other areas of your life that are toxic. This class is intended to be taken after you have completed the fundamentals of transformation and should be considered prior to taking on your first detox.

VIP Class

The VIP class is designed as an open forum where you will be able to discuss a variety of wellness topics. Most of the VIP Classes are lead by Lori Esarey, APRN, and she shares a variety of new avenues to continue your road to optimal health. Our TNT VIP class is a private class open to VIP clients and those Phase II clients that have been approved to participate. The VIP Class is usually held on the last Wednesday of each month at 4:15pm. The VIP class will be either in-clinic or via zoom and each month the topic will be emailed to the VIP clients so that they can prepare questions for the class.

Wellness Ambassadors

TNT’s Wellness Ambassadors Support Group is created to provide connection with its peers and to empower TNT members to stay focused as we continue to grow toward optimal health. The Wellness Ambassador support group’s purpose is to assist with the ongoing transition into clean eating and living. We will meet these purposes by:

    • Sharing knowledge
    • Celebrating successes
    • Finding support that awakens our enthusiasm for our new lifestyle
    • Supporting each other while being a light of hope to others by creating a contagious environment of health, hope, and happiness!

Why and How of Detox

Detoxification is a period of time that you specifically focus on reducing incoming toxins while working on up-regulating pathways to clean up the body. This class is designed to teach you the real definition of detoxification, the difference between detox and a colon cleanse and the specific steps needed to effectively detoxify your body. Upon completion of this class you will be ready to meet with your health coach and launch your first detox.